Mexico is a rather enormous country in terms of land area! In fact it is the 13th largest in the world. It packs an infinite amount of natural phenomenons, historical landmarks, beautiful cities and exquisite cuisine with regional variations. To write a single article about a country that has so much to offer is virtually impossible.

One of the many gems that is worth the attention of every traveler who is willing to get immersed in the Mexican culture is Puebla.

What makes Puebla stand out?


Having a very centralized location in the country approximately 120 km Southwest of the capital, it is not as popular among travelers as Mexico City, the Yucatan Peninsula or the Baja California Peninsula are. However, there is a legitimate reason why this has to change.

Boasting a spectacular city center, colonial style architecture and exceptional food that all perfectly represent the authentic Mexican culture and traditions, there is a reason why Puebla is among the most culturally significant and important cities in Mexico. Furthermore, the surrounding volcanoes and mountains as well as the Africam Safari Theme Park, which has been deemed among the best safari parks outside of continental Africa would certainly leave all nature and animal lovers more than satisfied.

Has your curiosity been awaken? Would you like to know more about some of the most impressive sights and delicious food that Puebla has to offer to its visitors?

If you would like to have the answer for the above - mentioned questions and more, simply click on the link below and read in full why the city is entirely deserving of your full attention and time.


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